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This is based on the Original bDresden Recipe.

One of the most flavorful German Christmas Specialties we craft every year.


It is very hard to explain all the flavors the stollen contains. The base is a yeast dough, we add raisins that were soaked in brandy for at least 4 months, we add the best quality orange and lemon peel I can get. We add finely ground almonds and a good amount of butter, a little sugar and a variety of fine spices.

The final touch is a rod of the highest quality Bergen  Marzipan available. After baking, while still hot, we bath the stollen in melted butter and dip it in sugar. 

After that we wrap them and rest them for a little while before I allow them for sale. 

Please be advised that I would still rest them till Christmas day before serving them so the flavor can reach peak, but who am I to tell you how to enjoy :)

Please serve thin sliced and at room temperature


The loaf is sold at $19.50 and weights about 1.3lbs exact weight and price is on the label.