Italian White Bread

Italian White Bread

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Please read:

The way we make bread, the dough rests overnight. This means we either have to throw a lot away, which I refuse doing, or not everything is always available. White and rolls we make everyday, but if your order isn't in by 5am that day I can not guarantee supply. If you order ahead, it is guaranteed. Thank you for understanding.

Our Italian is based on a centuries old family heirloom starter. We use a mix of high protein and normal King Arthur bread flours, salt and water and sometimes a hint of malt, that is it. No colors, no funny stuff that isn’t all that good for you anyway. Baked with a good crust and a hefty bite. If you want a good crust put it in the HOT oven for 5 minutes before serving.  Great with any soup, any pasta dish, stews, as a carrier for Nutella or Jam, Honey or a cold cut, cheese, or just with a little bit of good butter. If it gets older, great for French Toast (fair warning it needs more eggs than normal bread) or croutons. And if it goes past that dry it and grind it down to breadcrumbs. No need to throw anything away.

Please keep in mind that guaranteed available for our next business day is 7pm the prior day. If you place the order past that point, there is no guarantee we can supply. 

Freezes well and re-bakes very well. Raw weight is minimum 850g

Available Thursday Friday and Saturday for pre order and LIMITED same day availability.