12 grain bread

12 grain bread

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Please read:

The way we make bread, the dough rests overnight. This means we either have to throw a lot away, which I refuse doing, or not everything is always available. 12 grain  we make Friday and Saturday,  but if your order isn't in by 5am that day I can not guarantee supply. If you order ahead, it is guaranteed. Thank you for understanding.

One of our traditional sourdough based breads

Based on a whole wheat bread we add a bunch of extra grains, a little malt, and a LOT of grains on top. Can be frozen, is available sliced or in one piece.

 Please keep in mind that guaranteed available for our next business day is 7pm the prior day. If you place the order past that point, there is no guarantee we can supply. 

I personally like it with something smoked, something hearty, but i know some of my guests enjoy it with jam or honey too


raw weight is at least 850gr